DUI Suspect Arrested Following Hit-And-Run Accident

A Colorado Springs accident that involved two autos ended with the arrest of a hit-and-run driver, according to this recent news report in KKTV.COM. The two-vehicle collision happened near Austin Bluffs and N. Academy.

More details have not been made available in this report and the driver who was arrested has not been identified. The hit-and-run car was found a short time after the accident. Police arrested its driver for Driving Under the Influence (DUI) and he was taken to an area hospital for treatment. The driver of the other car that was hit, was not injured, the article said.

The suspect being held in this incident had no doubt made a bad situation worse by fleeing the accident. In addition to DUI charges, this driver will be looking at criminal hit-and-run felony charges. If convicted, the driver will possibly be doing jail time, lose driving privileges and have this affect his work or future job prospects. In these situations, it is essential to get the best possible advice and consult with a reputed Colorado Springs DUI defense attorney.

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