El Paso County Crime Reduction Unit Temporarily Disbanded after Shooting

The Sheriff’s Crime Reduction Unit, a seven-member squad focusing on Colorado Springs drug crimes, has been temporarily disbanded after a shooting in Colorado Springs left one woman dead, according to a recent news report from KRDO.

Each of the seven unit members were reassigned to other law enforcement groups within the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office and are expected to continue serving as sheriff’s deputies, according to the sheriff’s office. The reassignment follows an incident in which members of the unit were serving a warrant on another, unrelated person, when a woman suspected of escape and driving a stolen vehicle drove over one deputy’s foot as she was trying to leave the area. Another deputy fired a shot into the vehicle, which was later found to have resulted in the driver’s death.

Although the sheriff’s office stated that at least one deputy from the Crime Reduction Unit was involved in the shooting, the office did not specify whether or not the reassignments are related to the shooting. The sheriff’s office also stated that no decision has been made yet about whether or not to make the reassignments permanent. In 2010, the sheriff’s office credited the Crime Reduction Unit with 335 arrests and seizing over $46,000 of methamphetamines.

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