Electronic Fraud a Big Concern for Companies Worldwide

Companies worldwide lost millions of dollars of stolen electronic data last year, according to an article recently released by Reuters. For the first time, the amount lost through stolen electronic data was higher than the amount lost through theft of physical objects.

Most of the electronic fraud was “inside jobs” where company employees stole from the companies they worked for, according to Kroll, Inc., the risk consulting firm that ran the study. Fraud was highest in Chinese corporations, with companies in Colombia and Brazil not far behind. Of the electronic data stolen, cash and company assets were the most popular targets.

Experts believe that the record numbers are high in part because companies have become better at detecting electronic fraud. Since reports of electronic fraud can ruin a company’s reputation, employers are becoming more serious about detecting fraud and punishing those responsible for it, including pursuing criminal charges. Being accused of electronic fraud may cause you to lose your job or to be seen as suspicious or questionable by future employers. A conviction of fraud often carries serious consequences, including prison time and a criminal record.

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