Federal Law Enforcement Considering Colorado Medical Marijuana Crackdown

Federal drug law enforcement agencies are considering a “crackdown” on many Colorado medical marijuana dispensaries, similar to that carried out in California, according to a recent article in the Huffington Post. The crackdown was announced only a few days after several groups turned in sufficient signatures to get the “Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol” Act placed on the 2012 ballot.marijuana_2286406.jpg

Colorado law permits dispensaries that offer marijuana for medical reasons, but federal law currently prohibits the use of marijuana for any purpose. Recently, several dispensaries that are operating within 1000 feet of a school were sent letters from federal law enforcement warning that they had to shut down. Local laws allow the dispensaries to operate within 1000 feet of schools, but federal law prohibits this.

The Supreme Court decided in the 2005 case Gonzales v. Raich that federal law enforcement agencies could still enforce federal drug laws, even if a particular state had decriminalized or legalized the use of a particular substance. Gonzales v. Raich also focused on medical marijuana use after a California woman was prosecuted by federal officials despite California’s legalization of marijuana for medical purposes.

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