Getting Your License Reinstated With Ignition Interlock After a Colorado DUI

In Colorado, a person convicted of driving under the influence (DUI) may be able to get his or her driver’s license reinstated if the driver agrees to use an ignition interlock device. The device is installed on the driver’s vehicle, usually at the driver’s expense. It requires a breath test free from alcohol in order to start the vehicle and may also require breath tests at random times while the vehicle is in motion.

The Colorado Division of Motor Vehicles keeps a list of approved ignition interlock device vendors. If you are eligible, you choose a vendor, have the device installed, and then submit several pieces of information to the DMV, including an affidavit, installation certificate, application form and fee, an SR-22 certificate from your auto insurer, and evidence you’ve completed an approved drug or alcohol treatment program. Your reinstated license is typically sent to you by mail; according to the DMV, the process can take up to 20 days. After reinstatement, you may need to take a driving test in your interlock-equipped vehicle, which can be scheduled at a Colorado driver’s license office.

While an ignition interlock device can require considerable expense and work, many drivers find it preferable to losing their driving privileges completely, especially when they have job responsibilities, care for a family, or have other important business that requires reliable transportation. An experienced Colorado Springs DUI defense attorney can help you decide whether an ignition interlock device is among your options after a DUI charge and will help you seek eligibility for one, if necessary.

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