Governors Highway Safety Association Vows to Fight Drugged Driving

The Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA), a group of policymakers from around the country, recently announced that it plans to make reducing the rates of drugged driving in Colorado and other states a priority in the coming year. The GHSA called drugged driving a “highway safety issue,” and urges state and federal governments to make cracking down on “drugged drivers” a priority.

Like drunk driving, drugged driving occurs when a person is too impaired by the effects of a prescription, over-the-counter, or illegal drug, or any combination of these drugs or drugs and alcohol, to operate a vehicle safely. All fifty U.S. states currently have laws against drugged driving, but since the effects of drugs can be different on different people and depending on what is in the substance, correctly identifying drugged drivers can be extremely difficult.

GHSA’s new policy encourages member states to separate drunk driving and drugged driving in their criminal codes, develop standardized testing procedures for police to use when they stop someone on suspicion of impaired driving, and increase training for law enforcement officers to make them more effective at identifying and arresting those whom they believe may be driving while impaired by a drug or a combination of drugs.

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