How Colorado’s “Extraordinary Risk Crimes” Laws Affect Felony Cases

Colorado’s criminal laws include instructions for sentencing people who are convicted of violating any of the criminal statutes. Most Colorado crimes are organized into one of six classes, with Class 1 felonies being the most serious and Class 6 being the least serious. The law sets a maximum amount of prison time a court can impose, depending on which class the conviction falls into. Judges can add time to the maximum sentence, however, if Colorado law defines the crime as an “extraordinary risk crime.”

An “extraordinary risk crime” is one that, according to the Colorado legislature, “present[s] an extraordinary risk of harm to society.” Some of the crimes that fall into this category are armed robbery, child abuse, selling illegal drugs, and “any crime of violence.” If a person is convicted in court of an extraordinary risk crime, the maximum prison sentence may be increased by six months to four years, depending on the class the crime falls in. The person who is convicted of an extraordinary risk crime may also be required to pay heavy fines and other penalties in addition to a prison sentence.

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