Increased Awareness and Enforcement May Lead to More CO Super Bowl Sunday DUI Arrests

Super Bowl Sunday means plenty of parties as people gather to enjoy the biggest professional football game of the year. Unfortunately, it also means increased law enforcement patrols, sobriety checkpoints, and other methods to stop suspected drunk drivers. Police know that many people enjoy alcohol as part of their celebrations, and they assume this means more people will be driving without first having taken the time to sober up.drunk_driving_6192630.jpg

If you’re going to a Super Bowl party this year, here are some steps you can take to help yourself and your friends avoid an arrest on suspicion of driving while impaired (DUI):

  • Plan ahead. Choose a designated driver, call a cab, or plan to take public transportation or walk. If you’re planning to drink, also plan not to get behind the wheel.
  • If you must drive, switch to non-alcoholic drinks at least an hour before you get behind the wheel. NFL stadiums stop serving alcohol at the end of the game’s third quarter, so this might be a good time for you to switch your drink as well. Have a meal or a large snack to help your body absorb alcohol.
  • Bring along the numbers for local cab companies. Not only will you have a way to get a sober ride, but you will also be able to call for friends who might need one too.

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