Instances of Crime On the Rise Near Colorado Marijuana Dispensaries

The idea behind medical marijuana dispensaries is simple: marijuana is cultivated for individuals whom, in having a valid doctor’s prescription, are allowed to acquire and use the substance to help dull the symptoms, such as pain, associated with their medical conditions. However, according to a article, Colorado medical marijuana dispensaries are beginning to be associated with crimes and other illegal activity that the dispensaries would like to distance themselves from as much as possible.

Police in Loveland have responded to multiple instances of dispensaries being robbed and private homes used to cultivate the marijuana being broken into by individuals interested in acquiring the substance. Further complicating matters, is the notion that law enforcement isn’t entirely certain how to differentiate between locations that are cultivating marijuana for medical dispensaries and those that do so in order to illegally sell it to others. With so much second-guessing, innocent individuals may be accused of committing illegal acts that should never have been deemed as such.

Aside from a lack of guidelines on the part of law enforcement, opponents of dispensaries condemn individuals associated with these stores simply because the philosophy of the dispensaries is not in line with their opinions. However, while all may not agree on whether or not they believe something to be acceptable, Colorado law dictates what is legal and not legal, and those individuals associated with legal activity should never be condemned simply because viewpoints may differ slightly.

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