Labor Day Sobriety Checkpoints Result in Multiple Colorado Springs Citations

Several drivers were cited or arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol or other drugs (DUI) in Colorado Springs and in other Colorado communities this weekend, as Colorado state and local police held sobriety checkpoints intended to cut down on a predicted rise in drinking and driving over the Labor Day Holiday, according to a recent article in the Colorado Springs Gazette.

The sobriety checkpoints included two in Colorado Springs. One was set up on North Powers. This checkpoint stopped 679 over the four hours it was in operation, according to police; a total of eight drivers were cited at this checkpoint on suspicion of violating Colorado’s drinking and driving laws.

The second Colorado Springs checkpoint was located on the northbound side of Academy Boulevard. This checkpoint stopped a total of 741 drivers. Thirteen of the drivers stopped on Academy Boulevard were evaluated on suspicion of DUI or a similar offense, and six were given citations. Five more drivers stopped at the Academy Boulevard checkpoint were cited on suspicion of having open alcohol containers in their vehicles, which Colorado law also prohibits.

These two checkpoints were part of Colorado’s “100 Days of Heat” campaign, which aims to cut down on potential DUIs by warning drivers of increased patrols and checkpoints, so that drivers will choose to ride with a sober driver or take public transportation if they plan to drink alcohol while they are out. During Labor Day, similar campaigns, including increased sobriety checkpoints, were held by police units throughout the United States.

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