Longmont Subway Sandwich Suspect Steals Cash, Sketch Released

According to the site timescall.com, a composite sketch of a robbery suspect was recently released in hope that someone may recognize the suspect and furnish police with information that may lead to that suspect’s arrest. The suspect in question is sought in connection to a robbery that occurred at a Subway restaurant located on the 1800 block of Hover Street in Longmont. Police detectives are still investigating the incident, and are seeking help from the public.

According to Colorado Law Enforcement Agency Uniform Crime Reports, there were a total of 3,365 occurrences of robbery in 2008. Burglaries occurred on a more regular basis, with numbers totaling 28,256. Although both of these numbers were slightly down from 2007 figures, instances of theft and robbery crimes are still prevalent in Colorado. Per 100,000 inhabitants in 2008, there were 68.1 instances of robbery, and 572 instances of theft. Both numbers indicate that there is a definite need for experienced defense attorneys in the state of Colorado.

Robberies in Colorado vary to a great degree, which influences the severity of penalties if a person is convicted. The best course of action for an individual accused of a crime in Colorado is to retain the services of an experienced Colorado criminal defense attorney. A skilled lawyer will examine all details of an arrest to ensure that key evidence that may exonerate the accused is brought to the attention of the court.

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Source Article: http://www.timescall.com/news_story.asp?ID=19455

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