Man Pleads Guilty to Growing Marijuana at Motorcycle Repair Shop

A Green Mountain Falls man plead guilty recently to growing 374 marijuana plants at his motorcycle repair shop, according to a recent article in the Colorado Springs Gazette.

Police began investigating the man’s repair shop after a neighbor reported seeing several electricians visit the shop on various occasions, as well as an odor of unburnt marijuana coming from the building. While investigating, police also discovered the building’s owner had told his neighbor that he wouldn’t be “busted” for growing fewer than 100 plants. The building’s owner had also offered to install air filters in his building, which cut down on the marijuana scent.

Police then obtained the building’s electricity-use records and discovered that the building used five times the amount of electricity used by similar repair shops in the area. Electricity-use records for the man’s home showed that his home used four times the amount of electricity used by other neighborhood homes.

In Colorado, the mandatory minimum sentence for having more than 100 plants is five years. However, the defendant in this case qualifies for a lighter sentence under the federal sentencing guidelines’ “safety valve” exception, which allows for lighter sentences for nonviolent first-time offenders who cooperate with police. Lighter penalties also apply to growers with fewer than 100 plants.

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