Man Who Sexually Assaulted a Couple is Re-Arrested

Eric Torrez, a 47 year old who was accused of sexually assaulting a brother and sister who lived with him after being kicked out of a homeless shelter has been rearrested after another alleged victim came forward, according to a Rocky Mountain news report.

In the first accusation, Torrez was accused of assaulting the siblings after their mother sent them to live with his family. Torrez’s wife and son are accused of being complicit in the abuse and of also having sex with the girl, who said she was first abused when she was 12. Prosecutors said the victims, now in their 20s, recently reported the alleged abuse. Torrez is being held on $2 million dollars bond.

The stigma associated with sexual assault charges in Colorado can be as damaging as an eventual conviction. Our system of justice, however, assures all those accused of crimes that they will receive a fair trial to determine their guilt or innocence. All too often, however, those accused of sexual assault crimes are considered “guilty until proven innocent”. If you or a loved one has been accused of sexual assault crimes in Denver, it’s imperative that you contact an experienced sexual assault defense attorney as soon as possible.

Being arrested for a crime involving sexual assault or pornography can be an intimidating experience. It’s likely you’ll not be thinking clearly after an arrest and interrogation, and authorities may take advantage of your state of confusion by offering what on its face appears to be a good plea bargain, but examined carefully, is not in your best interest. Colorado sex crimes attorney Timothy Bussey’s experience as prosecutor and as a defense attorney since 1991 gives him insight into all sides of a case. We work hard to ensure our clients’ rights are aggressively protected by a vigorous defense.

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