“Mandatory Minimum” Felony Laws Result in Unequal Sentences Nationwide

In Colorado and other state courts, a felony conviction may result in anywhere from thirteen months to a lifetime in prison, depending on the seriousness of the crime for which a person is found guilty. Under federal gun-crime laws, however, a person who is charged in federal court but refuses to take a plea bargain might face literally hundreds of years behind bars – far longer than any real human being will live.gun-bullets-8716296.jpg

These laws, known as “mandatory minimum” laws, require a jury that finds a defendant guilty of certain gun-related crimes to sentence that person to a certain number of years. Sometimes, the years can add up to staggering amounts. For instance, a man convicted of homicide by a federal court in Philadelphia recently found himself facing a 232-year prison sentence. In a state court, however, he might have faced a prison sentence he could reasonably expect to live through.

The huge difference between state and federal sentencing for felony gun crimes has come under public scrutiny recently. The threat of a long sentence causes many federal defendants to plead guilty – even if their rights were violated or the charges do not fit the facts of their case.

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