Medical Marijuana Growers Worried About Federal Prosecution

Federal drug charges were recently filed against a man who, according to a Denver Post report, is an authorized medical marijuana grower and smoker under Colorado law. The man’s marijuana operation was mentioned on a Denver television news broadcast in February. On the show, he apparently boasted of making $400,000 from his basement medical marijuana operation. The following day, the Drug Enforcement Administration visited his home. The DEA seized more than 200 plants and charged him with cultivating marijuana, which carries a 5 to 40 year prison sentence and a $2 million fine.

This is the first case of its kind since 2000, when voters approved the use of medical marijuana in Colorado. The man in this particular case was a legal grower of medical marijuana under state law, but federal prosecutors argue that marijuana is illegal under federal law regardless of what state law allows.

Last year, the Deputy U.S. Attorney General released a memo saying that federal prosecutors would not pursue medical marijuana growers who were following state law. Following the release of the memo, there was a boom in medical marijuana growers in states allowing medical marijuana, since the growers had good reason to believe they would not face any drug charges.

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