MLB Pitcher Vizcaino charged with DUI

The website reported on October 28, 2008 that Colorado Rockies pitcher Luis Vizcaino 34, was detained early Monday morning on October 27, in Tampa Florida for driving under the influence. The Tampa Tribune has reported that Vizcaino was being charged with a misdemeanor DUI.

According to the officers involved in the arrest Vizcaino was travelling at 71 mph in a 45 mph zone early the morning of his arrest. Vizcaino’s eyes were found to be glossy and blood shot while also smelling strongly of alcohol. His blood alcohol level was slightly over the legal limit. Vizcaino lives in Florida and was bailed out prior to noon the same morning he was arrested. The Rockies did release this statement, “We are continuing to monitor the situation and have been in contract with Luis and his representatives.” His baseball season was cut short by injury this year; he had a record of 1-2 and an ERA of 5.28.

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