New App May Create Additional Surveillance of Drivers

A new smartphone app created by a professor at the University of California-Riverside may make it easier for passersby to report drivers whom they believe are driving drunk, according to a recent report in ITWorld.

The app, called “DUICam,” is meant to be used with a dashboard mount for an iPhone or Android device. The phone is mounted to the dashboard and records video of everything that goes on in front of the vehicle. Every 30 minutes, the app automatically deletes the video so that the phone’s memory isn’t overwhelmed – but, if a driver suspects that another person on the road is impaired, he or she can save the video. The app also allows drivers to zoom in and examine license plate numbers and other markings when reporting suspected drunk drivers to police.

Supporters of the app point out that it will make drunk-driving enforcement easier, because sober drivers will be able to collect evidence police can use to stop impaired drivers before an accident occurs. However, opponents are concerned that the app unnecessarily invades privacy and may target drivers who drive poorly or make a mistake, but who are not breaking any laws.

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