New Bill Would Ease Colorado’s Medical Marijuana Laws

According to The Denver Post, the Colorado Legislature is set to consider revisions to the state’s medical marijuana laws. This comes just one year after writing the most comprehensive rules for the sale of medical marijuana in any of the 15 states in the U.S. that permit medical marijuana. House Bill 1043 is scheduled for its first committee hearing on February 3.

If passed, the bill would freeze state licenses for marijuana shops until 2012, and also make clear what physicians can recommend medical marijuana to patients. The bill would also set new rules for employees at pot shops. Marijuana shop workers are required to have resided in Colorado for two years because lawmakers do not want to allow out-of-state marijuana entrepreneurs. However, the new bill would revise this to limit the residency requirement to owners but not employees. The bill also modifies the lifetime ban on pot shop owners who have a felony drug conviction. If the bill is passed, persons with drug felonies would be exempt from getting a license from the state for just five years. Additionally, the bill would permit patients to shop at a marijuana shop immediately after filing a medical marijuana application.

Other changes the bill would bring include requiring caregivers, who are providers of medical marijuana on a small scale to patients, to register with the state. Commercial marijuana growing facilities would be required to make their location known to the public. Also, for the first time, a marijuana-infused-products maker would be limited regarding how many plans they could grow.

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