New Colorado Gun Laws Raise Questions among Dealers, Buyers

Colorado Gun LawsColorado recently passed three new gun-control laws that change how residents can buy and keep guns and related equipment legally. The laws have raised a number of questions among gun buyers, dealers, and others, according to a recent article in the Denver Post.

On March 20, Governor John Hickenlooper signed the three bills into law. One bill limits the size of ammunition magazines to 15 rounds. A second bill requires universal background checks for gun buyers, including background checks at gun shows and in other contexts where they were not previously required. A third bill requires that the prospective gun buyer pay the costs of his or her background check when buying a gun, which is currently $10.

Gun dealers are currently wondering how to implement both the background check requirement and the fee requirement. The Colorado Bureau of Investigation (CBI) handles background check requests and will also deal with the fees. While the CBI has said it will invoice dealers at the end of each month for payment, many are wondering how exactly the process will work – as well as whether they can sell some magazines that can be extended to hold more than 15 rounds, but that don’t hold that many as-sold.

Gun laws change not only from state to state, but sometimes even within states or counties. Knowing whether you’re following Colorado gun laws properly can be a challenge. If you’ve been charged with a gun-related crime in Colorado, please don’t hesitate to call the experienced Colorado Springs gun crime defense attorneys at The Bussey Law Firm, P.C. Our number is (719) 475-2555, and your initial consultation with us is free and confidential.

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