New Colorado Prison Program Aims to Help Convicts Successfully Rejoin Society

Oftentimes, a long-time convict falls back into crime, and subsequently prison, after they have been released on parole. According to The Denver Post, this is usually because they reconnect with former criminal associates. A new prison program, however, encourages and requires certain associations between convicted felons in order to help them prepare for and maintain a crime-free life once they have been released.

This pilot program, called the “Lifetime Offender Program” (LTOP), created by the Department of Corrections, currently has twelve long-term prisoners enrolled. The dozen prisoners, which include habitual criminals and murderers, were selected from a pool of 400 applicants from across Colorado. In order to qualify for the LTOP, prisoners must have been imprisoned for at least 15 years, are at least 45 years old, are discipline free, and are within six years of their mandatory parole release.

The prisoners enrolled in the pilot program have been meeting in group sessions with counselors for the last two months at Sterling Correctional Facility. The inmates live together on the same cellblock and are given lessons on how to live present-day society, including how to adapt to a digital world. They will be released by twos to a Denver County Jail community corrections program, after which both will live at the same halfway house. In addition to their parole officer, they will receive guidance from a convict mentor who, after having served a long-term prison sentence, has been living crime-free for years.

Being charged with a felony crime in Colorado can be a very traumatic experience. Even with the implementation of new programs, such as the one mentioned in this blog, a person would be required, in most cases, to remain in prison for more than a decade. A skilled Colorado Springs felony crime lawyer at The Bussey Law Firm, P.C., can help you understand the charges against you and will work diligently to defend your legal rights. To learn more about how we can help you, please contact our office today at 719-475-2555 for an initial consultation at no-cost.

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