New Colorado Restorative Justice Bill Signed into Law

Restorative justice, occasionally called reparative justice, refers to the growing social movement that focuses on the needs of victims and offenders and the principle that wrongdoing is an offense against a person and a community rather than the state. Colorado recently joined this movement, according to, when the Colorado governor signed a restorative justice bill at an old courtroom ceremony in Colorado Springs’ Pioneers Museum.

This new law expands existing restorative justice programs for juvenile offenders in Colorado and creates a similar program for adult offenders. All offenders will not be eligible for these programs, however. Offenders that are ineligible are those that have been charged with stalking, violation of a protection order, a sex offense, or domestic violence in Colorado.

Through the Colorado restorative justice program, victims and offenders will have the opportunity to meet face to face, to ask questions, get closure, and/or restart their lives. According to the founder of the Youth Transformation Center in Colorado, “even hardened criminals buckle at the knees at having to do that.” Restorative justice programs allow for a very effective and powerful transformation process.

According to officials of restorative justice programs, the number of offenders that repeat offenses after meeting their victims greatly decreases. In fact, some studies have demonstrated lower rates of recidivism when restorative justice programs are implemented.

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