Number of Colorado Drunk Driving-Related Accidents Continues to Decline

The number of Colorado car accidents involving at least one person who was driving under the influence or driving while intoxicated has been declining steadily during the second half of this decade, according to the Colorado State Police.

From 2004 to 2008, the Colorado State Police have responded to fewer crashes each year involving an intoxicated person. In 2004, the state police responded to nearly 1,200 such accidents. By 2008, however, they were responding to just over 600 crashes, a decrease of nearly fifty percent. According to the state police, in 2008, 59.9 percent of the accidents involving an intoxicated person resulted in no injuries or deaths. That number jumped to 84.6 percent when the intoxicated person was not the one who caused the accident.

The number of crashes that involved an intoxicated person and resulted in injury remains a minute portion of the number of Colorado car accidents that leave someone injured. While car accidents have been declining steadily since 2004, the Colorado State Police still responded to nearly 4,000 crashes in 2008, of which a mere handful involved a drunk driver.

Heavier penalties, regular enforcement, and public transportation options are all credited with helping people who drink to stay off the roads. When an accident involves an injury, police may also suspect the drivers of drinking, even if both are sober. The symptoms of shock, head injuries, and other conditions caused by the accident may also mimic intoxication, which can lead to an improper arrest.

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