One man convicted of DUI 15 times

An article in the journal sentinel about Mark Allen Warner explains how the man got convicted of DUI’s 15 separate times. Throughout the 1990s, Warner’s drinking resulted in divorce, a felony record and several crashes. From 1992 to 2000, Warner was pulled over as often as every couple of months and was well-known to police. Yet he avoided significant jail time and treatment for almost a decade – a fact the judge involved in his final case called a failure of the criminal justice system.

Warner wasn’t sentenced to prison until he had been convicted of drunken driving 15 times. His blood-alcohol level averaged 0.212 – almost three times the legal limit – for the 11 offenses in which his blood or breath test information was available. He repeatedly drove after his license had been revoked, garnering at least 10 arrests for that. And two of his drunken driving arrests followed domestic arguments.

The three-year prison term, including six months in a Department of Corrections rehabilitation facility, helped him get sober, Warner said. He hasn’t had a conviction since his release in 2003. Now 45, he once again holds a valid driver’s license.

Warner said. ”There comes a point in your life when you say, ‘You know, I’ve got to do something different,’

This article, which originated in Wisconsin is a bit extreme, but it does illustrate a point about drunk driving and those that have drinking problems. Treatment is sometimes necessary to truly affect change in some individuals. This is something that a qualified DUI defense attorney can argue in court. Very often, voluntary entrance in treatment programs can result in diminished or suspended sentences.

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