Police Invest in Laser Technology to Catch Speeding Drivers

Colorado Police TechnologyIn Colorado and other states, police units have begun relying on laser technology to monitor the speed of drivers and to ticket those who are exceeding the speed limit. While many law enforcement agencies hail the developing technology as a benefit, many drivers aren’t so sure that the benefits outweigh the costs.

For many years, police have used “radar guns” to monitor and calculate the speeds of vehicles. Rather than shooting a projectile, these “guns” use radar signals to identify where a vehicle is and approximately how fast it is going. Radar guns have their limitations, however. One major limitation of radar technology is that radar signals form a cone shape as they travel away from the detector – meaning that the farther away a vehicle is, the less likely the radar gun’s measurement of its speed will be accurate.

Laser-based detectors, however, don’t pose this problem. Because laser signals travel along a single path, rather than spread out, a laser gun’s measurement of speed is considered accurate even at a distance that would baffle a traditional radar detector. This means that laser-measured speeds are given more credence by a court, and a ticket based on a laser gun’s measurement of speed is more difficult to beat.

It’s important to remember, however, that “more difficult” does not mean “impossible.” An experienced attorney can help you defend yourself in court and protect your legal rights.

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