Police See No Pattern in Increased Colorado Springs Homicides

Colorado Springs police have noted an increase in the number of homicides in the city since last year, but they say they can see no obvious pattern to them, according to a recent article in The Colorado Springs Gazette.

In 2011, police in Colorado Springs recorded 32 homicides, a 33 percent increase from 2010. Unlike the usual types of cases law enforcement typically handles, however, many of the cases were considered “anomalies,” involving visitors to Colorado Springs or an unfortunate mix of events that don’t happen in an average year. The rate of other violent crimes in the area, especially robberies and burglaries, dropped during this time.

Despite the larger number of deaths that were presumed to be homicides in 2011, police do not believe that the numbers indicate Colorado Springs is seeing an increase in crime overall or is becoming less safe. The police department was quick to point out that, because homicides tend to get lots of media attention, it can feel as though the streets are becoming less safe when in fact they are just as safe as usual. In fact, Colorado Springs ranked as the eighth safest city in the U.S. in 2011, both due to its low crime rates and its low risk of car accidents.

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