Police Presence Increases on West Colorado Avenue

West Colorado Avenue has long been referred to as “no-man’s land,” especially between 31st Street and the Manitou Springs city line, for its patchwork of law enforcement coverage that has often left area business owners wondering which police officers, if any, would show up if they called for help. Recent efforts by patrols from various agencies have increased police presence in the area, however, and crime rates there are down, according to a recent article in the Colorado Springs Gazette.policecar12267621.jpg

The El Paso County Sheriff’s Office and the Colorado Springs police have both put patrols on West Colorado Avenue and surrounding streets in recent weeks, especially after business owners banded together asking for help. The business owners also encouraged the city to repair some streetlights in the area that had burned out. After several major arrests on suspicion of felonies, such as robberies, local business owners say that crime rates in the area seem to be going down.

The area can be confusing to patrol because which law enforcement agency is responsible for responding to a call often depends on where the call is coming from. Along West Colorado Avenue, some lots fall under the city’s jurisdiction, while others are the responsibility of the county. Until recently, a failure to coordinate forces meant that often, no police were available for the area at all.

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