Polls Show Growing Support for Colorado Marijuana Legalization Measure

A recent poll by Public Policy Polling found that a majority of respondents favored Amendment 64, a Colorado ballot measure that would legalize marijuana use and regulate it in a manner similar to alcohol use, according to a recent article in The Huffington Post. A similar ballot measure was proposed in 2006, when voters defeated it.


The poll, conducted during the first week of August, asked 779 Coloradoans their opinions on the upcoming Amendment 64 ballot measure. Forty-seven percent of responders said that they supported the Amendment and would vote in favor of it if the vote were held today. Thirty-eight percent of responders said they would vote against the measure. The remaining 15 percent were “undecided” at this time.

If passed, the regulation would allow Coloradoans age 21 or older to possess limited amounts of marijuana and to use the drug recreationally. It would also create licensing and regulations for growers and distributors of marijuana in Colorado, and it would allow the state legislature to regulate marijuana use in other ways – presumably, including laws against driving under the influence of marijuana and prohibiting its use by minors, similar to alcohol laws that currently exist. The amendment would not create a total “free pass” to use marijuana; certain laws would still apply, with penalties if a person is convicted of violating them.

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