Proposed Changes to Procedure of Colorado Sex Offender Prosecution

According to State Bill Colorado, a new bill introduced to the Colorado legislature proposes changes to the laws about where sex offenders who fail to register as an offender are tried and imprisoned for the offense.

Under current Colorado law, a sex offender who fails to register in their place of residence after being freed from imprisonment is sent back to the location where they served their sentence for trial and potential additional jail time. The new bill, SB11-007, repeals the option for the place of trial, and proposes that the offender may be tried in the county in which they live or in the county in which they are apprehended.

The new bill aims to change these stipulations, with the belief that this responsibility places an unjust burden on the state prisons involved. The prisons are held accountable for the expense of transporting and holding the prisoner and may not have the budget for handling crimes that occurred outside of its jurisdiction.

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