Real Estate Developer Accused of Hiring Hit Man

A Chicago real estate developer is due in federal court soon after being charged with hiring a hit man to kill a Florida resident, according to the Associated Press via The Denver Post.

The real estate developer is accused of paying an undercover agent $2,000 to kill a man who won a large lawsuit against the developer, winning $2.5 million that the developer was required to pay. The developer believed that the undercover agent was a professional hit man.

The real estate developer now faces a detention hearing in federal court. At a detention hearing, a magistrate judge decides whether a person charged with a crime can be released from custody, or if they must remain in jail until trial. Usually a magistrate judge will look for any combination of bail and other requirements that will ensure the accused person will appear for their trial date as well as not harm themselves or anyone else.

Although many detention hearings end with the accused person going back to jail, hiring an experienced Colorado criminal defense lawyer for your detention hearing may be a wise choice. A skilled attorney can cross-examine the government’s witnesses to look for holes in their case against you while helping to convince the magistrate judge that you can be allowed to go home and that you will return to court.

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