School Violence Gets Media Attention, but Doesn’t Mean Schools are Less Safe, Say Experts

After a recent school shooting situation in Ohio, many parents and community members are once again beginning to wonder how safe our schools are. However, experts say that while common sense is always a good thing, many fears are inflated, because the nation’s public schools actually see less violence and fewer criminal activities than in the past, according to a report by National Public Radio (NPR).

A school researcher at the University of Virginia notes that, despite the big press coverage given to situations like the ones at Columbine in Colorado and Virginia Tech, school violence has actually been decreasing steadily over the past fifteen years. In fact, statistics show that high school and college students are actually safer on campus than they are on an ordinary city street.

Despite the declines in risk, however, many experts say that school “zero-tolerance” policies, which can lead to expulsion or other juvenile court situations for actual or potential violence, weapons, and other infractions, have not helped make schools safer. Instead, many experts think these policies are actually counterproductive, since they prevent administrators and teachers from making case-by-case decisions in the best interests of the particular student and also risk sticking a student with an unnecessary and undeserved juvenile or criminal record.

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