Seeking a Gun Background Check in Colorado? You May Be In for a Long Wait

Part of obtaining a firearm legally in Colorado is undergoing the state’s required background check, as any experienced Colorado gun crime defense attorney can readily explain. If you’re waiting for the results of a background check in 2013, however, you may be waiting longer than usual.

The Colorado Bureau of Investigation (CBI) reports that its waiting list for background checks is over 11,000 applications long – making the average wait time for a background check to be completed approximately nine days. This queue and the wait are longer than average, and nearly double what they were in the last weeks of 2012, when the average wait was about 100 hours. Because the CBI’s website “wait clock” only reports wait times up to 99 hours, the agency has been keeping track of wait times manually.

The CBI notes that the increase in gun background checks may be due to recent events such as the shootings in Newtown, Connecticut, which have encouraged many people who had been considering a gun purchase to follow through with their plans. Passing Colorado’s required background check is a requirement for the legal purchase of a firearm in the state.

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