Seven Blocks Vandalized Near University of Colorado, Church Door Smashed

Colorado’s NBC affiliate KUSA-TV recently reported that seven city blocks located near the University of Colorado served as the site of numerous acts of vandalism that ranged from theft to destruction of property. Reportedly, the acts of vandalism began early Saturday morning outside the First Congregational Church where one of the church’s doors was smashed in by a parking sign that the individuals responsible for the vandalism dislodged from the ground. The property damage continued across six more blocks, and resulted in thousands of dollars worth of damage.

According to the news story, Boulder Police did not have as many units in the area because of the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, when many University of Colorado students travel back home or out of town for the long weekend. Police investigating the random acts of vandalism are still looking for leads that may further their investigation. Depending on the total amount of damage that is determined to have been done, those responsible for the vandalism could face criminal mischief or more severe criminal charges.

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