Some Crimes Increase in Parker, Colorado, While Others Go Down

The latest report on crime rates in Parker, Colorado, notes that crime rates overall have increased slightly but that the rates of certain serious crimes have actually gone down, according to a recent article in the Parker Chronicle.


The Parker Police Department released the statistics for crimes in the area in 2011, along with an analysis of the numbers that discusses why certain rates went up from 2010 while others went down. For instance, the police department recorded a 17 percent increase in burglaries in 2011 over the previous year, which police officials attribute to an organized burglary ring that worked its way though many Parker residences in 2011. Police also noted an increase in “jump key” burglaries, or burglaries in which people used a type of master key that could open nearly any lock in order to get into homes that were not theirs.

The rate of fraud also went up 8 percent, mostly due to identity theft crimes that are included in this category, according to analysts. The number of assaults went up about 4 percent.

Despite the increase in assault crimes, the number of other violent felonies dropped in Parker in the past year. For instance, robberies decreased by half, and the number of motor vehicle thefts dropped nearly 40 percent. Overall, the police department’s analyst noted that Parker’s numbers have followed national trends when it comes to changes in crime rates from year to year.

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