Standoff Ends With 3 Arrests

Three people refused to leave a home during an hours-long standoff that ended when a SWAT team broke down the door with a battering ram. The three individuals – a man, woman and a juvenile – were apparently unarmed and hid from police who had to search a house at 1720 Dixie Place before arresting them on criminal charges.

The adults are Van Sanchez, 54, and Jacqueline Olson, 19. Sanchez has a police record dating to 1983 that includes drug possession, DUI, domestic violence, shoplifting and auto theft, according to the Colorado Bureau of Investigation. Olson has been arrested a number of times, mostly for traffic violations including misuse of plates, driving under restraint and driving without a license.

The juvenile wasn’t identified. All three will be charged with failure to obey an order to vacate, a misdemeanor, police Lt. Ron Saunier said.

Police raided the same house last week in connection with the report of stolen property being on the premises. No arrests were made as a result of that investigation. At about 10 a.m. Wednesday, police officers who were cruising the neighborhood spotted someone they believed was wanted in connection with the stolen property. That person ran into the house and refused to come out, Saunier said.

Police used a megaphone to order the inhabitants out of the house a number of times to no avail. Several explosions echoed through the northwest Denver neighborhood as police set off exploding devices – flash-bang grenades – to shake up the home’s inhabitants. An armored car, one of two at the scene, with a battering ram mounted to the front was used to break down the door. A short time later, SWAT members dressed in riot gear and carrying shields entered the home.

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