Synthetic Marijuana Added to DEA’s List of Illegal Drugs

On March 1, the federal Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) announced that five varieties of synthetic marijuana have been added to their list of illegal drugs, reports The Denver Post.

The chemicals in synthetic marijuana, often referred to as Spice, are created in labs to create effects that are comparable to marijuana plants but are molecularly different enough that they escape being detected in urine tests. Then, the formula is sprayed on organic materials that are able to be smoked and sold in shops as “incense.”

The emergency order by the DEA makes possessing or selling products that contain any of the five popular chemical formulas for synthetic marijuana illegal for the next year. According to DEA Administrator Michelle M. Leonhart, the move was prompted due to the belief that young people are being harmed when they smoke Spice products and that they equate the legal availability of the synthetic marijuana as being safe, which the DEA believes is a wrong assumption.

The chemical compounds were listed under Schedule 1, which is the most restrictive classification. Along with the U.S. Health and Human Services Department, the agency is investigating whether Spice should be permanently banned in the United States.

Long before these restrictions were finalized, shops in Colorado began selling Spice varieties that claim different chemical recipes are used instead of those that have been banned by the DEA. However, lawmakers in Colorado are working to close the loophole with Senate Bill 134. If passed, in most cases, the bill would outlaw any chemical that interacts with a person’s brain the same way traditional marijuana does. The first hearing regarding the legislation is scheduled for March 9.

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