Trained Dogs, Forensic Analysis Used to Investigate Elk Poachers

Poaching, or hunting certain animals without a legal license to do so, happens in Colorado and other states. Here, elk often face injury or death from poachers. To stop poachers from threatening the health of Colorado elk herds, the Department of Wildlife has started employing investigation tactics like those you might see on a TV crime drama. Gun-sniffing dogs, blood splatter analysis, and other sophisticated forensic science tools have all been brought out to investigate potential poaching situations.hunting_4002293.jpg

One Nevada Department of Wildlife game warden warned poachers that DNA analysis would soon be used to investigate suspicious deaths of wildlife just as it is currently used in suspicious deaths of humans. Wildlife biologists may be able to pinpoint DNA markers in a killed animal to prove that it came from one certain hunting ground. If the hunter doesn’t have a license for that area, he or she may face criminal charges. Other evidence, such as bullet markings, blood splatter, witness testimony, and other facts may be used to round out these cases.

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