Trial Begins for White Supremacist Charged With Murder

Jury selection began recently in the trial of a self-professed white supremacist charged with shooting a woman in the parking lot of a Colorado Springs apartment complex during a bungled robbery according to The Gazette. The victim was sitting in her vehicle when a bullet shattered the rear window and hit her below the shoulder. She died at Memorial Hospital.

According to the police officer who testified at the preliminary hearing, the defendant’s alleged partner told police that the defendant had told him to pull into the parking lot and alongside the SUV, where the defendant allegedly asked the victim for directions. As they pulled away, the defendant’s partner claims the defendant pulled out a gun and shot once into the SUV, killing the victim.

The officer also testified that the defendant’s alleged partner described the defendant as a prospective member of the American Nazi party and that the defendant has a number of tattoos depicting white supremacist symbols, including a swastika. The shooting occurred on the same night as a gathering of other American Nazi party members, but the officer did not say whether the two were related.

The defendant’s alleged partner pled guilty to aggravated robbery and being an accessory to a crime, which are criminal charges in Colorado, about one week before the trial began. He will be sentenced after the defendant’s trial and faces 20 to 34 years in prison for the offense. The plea agreement allows for the defendant’s alleged partner to serve his sentence in another state for his own protection.

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