Understanding the Colorado Probation System: Types of Programs

As discussed in last week’s article, in order to avoid the consequences of violating Colorado probation, it is necessary to understand the system. It is not the basic principles of Colorado probation that would cause the most confusion for offenders, however, but the specific rules for the particular types of Colorado probation.

There are multiple probation programs in Colorado, some much more intensive than others in their required conditions. In addition to regular adult/juvenile probation, there are various intensive offender programs for high-risk offenders that meet certain criteria. The intensive programs provide specialized assessments, electronic monitoring, educational assessments, offense-specific treatment, literacy and employment programs, and cognitive training. Daily contact with the offender, curfews, home visits, and increased levels of drug testing are common conditions for these intensive programs:

  • Adult Intensive Supervision Probation (AISP);
  • Juvenile Intensive Supervision Probation (JISP);
  • Female Offender Program (FOP); and
  • Sex Offender Intensive Supervision Probation (SOISP).

Other probation programs include:

  • Private Probation – for lower risk offenders; and
  • Alcohol and Drug Driving Safety (ADDS) – for higher risk DUI and DWAI offenders.

In 2010, 23,482 adult and juvenile offenders were sentenced to a state or private Colorado probation program. Of this number, 3,758 offenders had their probation revoked for a technical violation, new misdemeanor, or new felony. Oftentimes, technical violations of Colorado probation are unintended and are the result of confusion concerning the terms and conditions. If probation is revoked, an offender may be re-sentenced to probation, community corrections, jail, or prison.

Regardless of intent or type of violation, if you have violated your probation, a skilled Colorado Springs probation violation defense lawyer at The Bussey Law Firm, P.C., can provide you with the legal representation you need to avoid excessive penalties. Please call us immediately for a free initial consultation at 719-475-2555.

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