U.S. Forest Service Investigates Source of Recent Colorado Wildfires

Wildfires blazing through the Waldo Canyon and Pyramid Mountain areas have left devastation in their wake. Now, investigators from the U.S. Forest Service are looking for any clues as to who or what may have started the fires. They are particularly interested in speaking to anyone who may have been in those areas on June 22, the day before the fires were first reported, according to a recent article in the Denver Post.


The investigators stepped up their efforts after the bodies of two people were found inside the remains of their burned Waldo Canyon home recently. If the fires were intentionally or negligently set, those responsible may face criminal charges, including homicide or arson charges. The results of the investigation and the circumstances it reveals will eventually determine whether anyone is charged and, if so, with what.

There are several ways in which a homicide charge might be related to an intentionally or negligently-set fire that leads to a wildfire. If the fire is intentional, the homicide might be charged as murder. If it was negligent or careless, a manslaughter charge might result.

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