Victims of Aurora, Colorado Movie Theater Shooting Request Access to Sealed Documents

Three people who were wounded when a gunman opened fire in an Aurora, Colorado movie theater on July 20, 2012 have petitioned the court to allow them to view sealed documents, according to a news report from KOAA. The petitioners want to use the documents in their civil lawsuit against the theater company.

The documents requested include the police affidavits seeking search and arrest warrants in the case. They also include transcripts of several calls to 9-1-1 that were made from inside and around the movie theater on the night of the shooting. The petitioners argue that these documents contain key information that affects their lawsuit against the theater.

The lawsuit is a separate case from the criminal charges filed after the shooting. In the civil lawsuit, the three wounded individuals are arguing that the movie theater should have put an alarm on the door the shooter used to get into the theater. The movie theater is not a party to the related criminal case, however, in which the shooter himself has been charged with killing 12 people and injuring 58 more.

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