Who Makes Up the Jury in a Colorado Felony Trial?

The best lawyer in Colorado Springs fully understands that people who are charged with a felony crime under Colorado law have several legal rights. One of these is the right to a jury trial. During a jury trial, a panel of adult members of the community, known as the “jury,” listens to the evidence and makes the ultimate decision about whether the facts show beyond a reasonable doubt that the charged person is guilty of the specific charges.

Jurors are chosen from lists created by the State Court Administrator’s Office, which are drawn from voter registration and driver’s license records. Jurors must be at least 18 years old, U.S. citizens, and residents of the jurisdiction of the court they serve in. Jurors must also be mentally capable of understanding what’s going on in the case.


The jury in any specific Colorado felony trial is chosen by a process called “voir dire.” This is basically a “get you know you” process in which the attorneys for the prosecution and the defense ask a few questions of potential jurors. After each side asks questions, the judge will ask the attorneys who should be removed from the jurors currently seated.

Jurors may be removed “for cause,” meaning there is some legal reason they are not allowed to serve, or with a “peremptory strike,” which is usually based on the attorney’s professional judgment. Each side gets a limited number of peremptory strikes. Once both attorneys approve of every juror currently seated, voir dire ends and the case may move forward.

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